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Why Greenny?

By: Nehemie

We all have our highs. Mine is writing about sustainable development and the environment. It is about telling you stories, tips and tricks about the world’s future and how you fit in. It’s also about why other creatures matter. I’ll tell you why I specifically love Greenny: 

Greenny makes more sense to me: I have had 3 other blogs before [Nehesmias, The Yeoman and Plantrights] but none of those gave me as much energy and meaning as Greenny does. Being my fourth creation as a writer, it connects more to the purpose, mission and everything I wanted. It motivates me to become and to stay green.

Greenny is a result of hard work: Greenny wasn’t easy to come up with. Not only the philosophy behind it, which is simply to be a green being, it’s name was the hardest to find. I knew I wanted to be a green person but didn’t know how to bless myself with that very name. All names I thought of didn’t sound right until I found Greenny aka me. Can you believe Greenny stands for Green Nehemie Yesashimwe? 

Greenny came at the right time: What other time in life was, is, or will be better than today to talk about the environment? I have come to an observation that when things are at their toughest stage, that’s when they get solved. Greenny and I are in the middle of climate change, plastic pollution, poverty an ocean acidification. Right now, being here feels nervous and pressure but that’s a positive sign for good solutions ahead.

I’m excited to face the Greenny challenge especially now that it’s what I want. Most people don’t easily get that chance. I’m lucky. I’m glad to save the world with opinions that come from the heart, not those I used to copy and procrastinate about. I’m thrilled to find my organic therapy. May we all believe in a world of good practices where life is evergreen.