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The road to success: A guide for the young and the poor

By: Nehemie Yesashimwe

I consider myself successful. Thank goodness, I can see and feel this at age 26. I had great training at school and paved the right path for myself when I was a student. That allowed me to get my first job right after graduation.

I am healthy, alive and strong. I have traveled, lead, and learnt a lot, more than I could imagine. Although all this was never on my mind 6 years ago, I am thankful for what I have achieved and thankful to all who contributed to this success.

However I recognize that not everyone in the world has set their foot on the road to their success. It was the same for me once. But it’s not anyone’s fault as most of the successful people say.

When you’re poor, you’re just poor. You are trapped and can’t move until someone (or something) sets you free and gives you hope and confidence.

You can’t afford what you want when you have a low purchasing power. You can’t raise a voice and claim your rights when you feel small. You can’t decide when choices are not yours to make.

If everyone told an honest story of their life, we would either be inspired or traumatized. I hope I’ll inspire you!

So how to be successful? 

How do other people make it? I remember when I didn’t have a laptop, writing all my essays in a notebook. My motivation was low. Sometimes I thought I was just playing around. When you’re still down there, your hope and confidence are so low that anyone/anything can overtake your courage and mess up your destiny.

But time comes. Successful people don’t have a different kind of brain or DNA that you don’t possess. They just use their brain at a higher lever; something you can also do. They have resources around them; something you can also search for and find. In other words, you can be successful if you put your mind to it. Success is not born but made.

I have found the following lessons truly  enlightening

The mindset, gifts, and creativity are fine. But that’s not where it all starts. Success mainly comes from your motives. That thing you can’t sleep or spend a day without doing. That thing that makes you feel bad if you don’t have it but also feel satisfied when you have little of it.

It’s like your good addiction in. That’s what you need to focus on and grow slow by slow, regardless your financial capacity. Figure out, invest and immerse yourself in your passion. Then you’ll see the impact sooner or later.

Strive to put your foot on the ladder and you’ll get motivation form there. However reaching the first rung will surely hurt and will leave scars. But again, that’s where the fun begins. Jump and fly! What do you have to lose?  Others have made it. Why not you?

That’s a natural law. You’ll never feel content a hundred percent. Something will always be missing. But it’s always easier for those who have already started their success journey than those who are still in the captivity of negativity. You got to keep up!

As we say, “the most stupid man is an educated man because he’s aware of the consequences of the mistakes he makes, and so should not commit them in the first place”. That’s where life becomes tricky. When you’re powerful, you can’t easily suppress your power even when it’s necessary. You’re always compelled to show off. You can easily forget how poor or how small you were a few years back. Success requires a high lever of attention to maintain credibility and purposefulness.

Our happiness exchanges with sadness, on and off. So, you cannot rely on the status quo forever because things change. Feelings of doubt, self blame, lack of confidence and lack of motivation will struck you even when you’re successful.

When that happens, you’ll start to compare yourself with others. You’ll become jealous and attempt to compete with everyone. When you fail, you’ll be demotivated.

That is normal and shouldn’t stop you. Get back to your feet asap and keep moving! To do that, remind yourself how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved so far. When you realize you have a lot to lose, you’ll gain motivation.

Remind yourself that you are unique and that what happens to you doesn’t always have anything to do with your neighbor. Fix your bugs and watch your post. Leave others alone.

Restless excellence, positive thinking, and helping others should be your driving values as you go further. There is no minimum or maximum of things you can do or achieve. Says who? As long as you’re alive, you are free to create and to recreate. Go, go, go. The world is yours!

We have what we have because other people support us. So we should give back when our life standards improve. It’s not a choice. It’s a necessity. You can survive without society but you can’t thrive without it. Choose to thrive!

I’ve always been curious to know the unknown. It is that curiosity that grew into Greenny and who I am today. You are curious about something too. Put your weaknesses and negative thinking behind and follow your curiosity today. You’ll end up in your paradise and you’ll celebrate your success with me there.