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Start caring about environmental sustainability today

By: Nehemie

I’m persuading you to start caring about environmental sustainability today. Why?

Examples are many. 

Incorporating sustainability in a business, a social enterprise, initiative or a new career might be challenging because the benefits of sustainability practices don’t generate direct cash. It is then easy to not care or to give up in your early stages of practice. But considering sustainability in what you do is the most rewarding factor. I’ll tell you how: 

Why you should care 

Not conserving the environment is like building a house and ignore to maintain it. Imagine stacking 100 floors on top of each other and bring tenants in but refuse to take the responsibility of doing maintenance. Or think of a car that has not been washed for months. Would you even drive it yourself? This goes to landfill sites that don’t have recycling options as well. Every time we ignore the sustainability part of our work, disasters, big or small, happen.  It doesn’t depend on a type of your business or who you are or your location or anything. Sustainability is a need and a must for all.