Greenny : Mission

Start caring about the environment today

By: Nehemie Yesashimwe

I’m persuading you to start caring about environmental sustainability today. Why?

  1. Whatever you’re doing right now affects the environment. The tablet you’re using to read this post was made of resources that are most likely not restored. The oxygen that you’re breathing comes from a tree nearby although that tree might soon be cut by someone who in need of housing. Everything around us is connected to the environment and is currently threatened in one way or another.
  2. In a few hours from now, you’re going to eat. What you eat comes from 4 main components: seed, soil, water, and energy. The lack of one of these will result in the lack of food. As you can see everything that brings maintains our life is linked to the environment. Examples are many.

Incorporating sustainability in your daily business may be challenging because it doesn’t generate direct cash. It is therefore easy to not care or to give up in your early stages of practice. But considering sustainability in what you do is the most rewarding factor. I’ll tell you how: 

Let’s say you’re an app developer. Creating apps don’t obviously involve conservation. But the users of your app need to have an electronic device that was manufactured. In other words your app uses natural resources through manufacturing of the device that your users have to possess.

Designing your app with tips on environmental safety would remind your clients to care. For example, you can use photos or logos of a natural body on your home pages: animal, ocean, etc to reflect sustainability.

Or you can remind users to consider printing your information only when necessary in order to save trees. That will create a sense of attention in a user’s mind. They will know you care. They will trust you and eventually help you increase your traffic.  

Let me change my examples a little bit and suppose that you’re a consultant. Your job is to meet people and sell your ideas. Obviously, ideas don’t have anything to do with the environment. But remember the resources you need to meet people: A phone or computer to get in contact with them, a car to get you to the venues, and of course a cup of coffee. All those are products that come from  natural resources.

To save the environment, use a private car only when necessary. Use public transport or a bicycle. Buy coffee from shops that contribute to the environment in the area and use takeaways only when necessary. You’ll not only save money but also be trusted as a sustainable business. 

Even when you are jobless, you still need the basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, waste management systems, etc…which all are connected to the destruction or safety of the environment. Keep your place clean. Avoid cutting the forests. The solution to poverty is not destruction or misuse. The solution to poverty is good work and good ideas. 

Why you should care 

Not conserving the environment is like building a house and ignore to maintain it. Think of a car that has not been washed for months. Would you even drive it yourself? This is similar to landfill sites that don’t have recycling options.

Whenever we ignore the sustainability part of our work, disasters happen. Sustainability is a need and a must for all of us. It is the right thing to do. That’s why we should care.