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How to satisfy the world’s infinite needs

By: Nehemie

Human needs are infinite. Whether you are employed or not, dependent or independent, an individual or corporate, a nation or a continent; our constant reliance on natural resources is a hustle of all time. It is impossible to be at a level where your needs checklist is blank. It has been like this since day one and will always be the same until the end of the world. As we fought for survival and development, the earth had to be a sleepless space where people had to work every day. Some have been successful in satisfying their own needs and have tried to tackle other people’s problems as a means to social inclusion. Others cannot manage to have one more dependent added to their list. With no blame, everyone does what they can. But the hustle is there, forever and always.

The daily “work-sleep-work” method (not “sleep-work-sleep”) is the formula for life. Each part of this formula hides a much more detailed series of equations that we solve for in every 24 hours. The overall output per day, per month or per year is what measures our success and is what everyone else looks up to weigh our net worth, to draw our reputation, and to decide what they need to do with us. You will most probably be recognized and appreciated if your net worth is higher than those from other people in your category, if you’re well known for great actions, and if society sees much potential in you. On the other hand, you will be less recognized and less appreciated if your output doesn’t stand out and if society can’t do much with you.

Regardless, your overall image will affect you in different ways. Your confidence level and output will be higher as you get more and more positive recognition. You will receive more encouragement and innovative ideas as you have a supportive community around you. You will remain the same person or, by working harder, grow later in the future. However, categories, levels, and upgrades don’t have any influence on the number of needs that will have to be added to your list every day and night. The rich work hard to keep their wealth and to create more while the poor work harder to step onto the next development ladder. It is what it is.

Sadly, for the past billion years, humanity has never been satisfied with what it has. The reason for this is that population and problems attached to it kept arising despite our tremendous work and unbelievable output. This is why the concept of sustainable development came up. Ceasing the “let’s see how it goes” and “me alone” methods and creating “lasting solutions for all” to our problems is what we need to look into in order to make meaningful and satisfactory lifestyles. Indeed, proper resource management is crucial, but we have seen that it doesn’t take a long time for us to ruin the very management we set for ourselves. Crossing the planetary boundaries has marked our existence so far. This age requires approaches that are more creative and more approaches that are creative.

In the past, collective approaches have been the main ways to manage the public and to ensure satisfaction. We simply created lots of small teams that manage few big population groups with a set of rules, regulations, punishments, and incentives as guiding tools. In doing so, our only achievement was to effectively manage the group but not individuals as human beings who are the building blocks of their group. We could not satisfy the core needs of one person who needed us desperately and could hardly control individual mischiefs for correction. Then trouble happened when mischief individuals created synergies and turned against us. That’s how inequality arose among us. That’s when every single person wanted to create their corner to ensure their security, food, energy, and shelter. We started comparing ourselves to others, and from that day, our satisfaction slowed down. Then disaster happened. Unequal economies, climate change, and bad governance put our societies apart, and we’re still dealing with it. After all, since collective solutions are only great when created and managed by great individuals, so should the human satisfaction aspect.

A path to becoming a satisfied individual

How can we be satisfied? How can we not worry even during tough times that we’re sure will come? The best way to achieve this is coming up with preventive approaches rather than reactive tactics. Your reaction to issues that have already risen will not do much in making you satisfied. Reacting to issues as they arise is very exhaustive and old fashioned. It can make you lose your mind as there are infinite issues to react on. Instead, a satisfaction plan with measures to avoid dissatisfaction is the best way to handle the common cold of our era. An individual plan for satisfaction is what will rebuild our hearts, set us free again, and reunite us as we aspire. So how to get started

This path is tough and might not work for everyone. It doesn’t even mean it’s the only path to the satisfaction for all of us. You are free to create your own, please let me know what you come up with for me to gain new insights.