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Research Topic Examples for Rwandan Students in the Environment Track

By: Nehemie

If you are currently in the last year of your studies at a university as an undergrad, graduate or even postgrad student, you’re already getting the pressure of producing  a research paper, as instructed by Rwanda Education Board and of course your university.

Being one of the major requirements of completing your degree and getting a graduation pass, your research presents in detail a practical problem that you want to solve in an academic or professional world that is related to what you majored in. Therefore this is when you really get hands on skills and it’s when you get a chance to wrap up what you’ve been studying all the 6, 5, 4 , 3 or 2 years.

While I can’t go through all aspects of research in one post, I just want to focus on the part of topic selection and provide you with a few examples of the topics you might want to work on this or the next year. Topic selection not only takes a lot of time and effort to come up with but also lays the foundation of your success or failure in coming up with a desired paper. It was a big challenge for me when I was writing my own research at University of Rwanda in January- May 2016. So the following tips may be helpful to you.    

Choosing your research topic  

Planning for your research i.e. finding a suitable supervisor, securing finances, organizing timelines with a clear to-do list, and building confidence to collect data on the field can all be tough and intimidating, sometimes impossible depending on various reasons. But the toughest of all also being the most important thing to focus on is selecting the right topic for your research.

The right topic is specific, the one you’re most passionate about, comfortable working on using available resources and data, the one you have some knowledge about, as well as the one that solves a real problem. In fact, your final research is different than an assignment in that the research  takes you out to the real world while the assignment doesn’t necessary require you to think out of your class walls.

It is therefore crucial to have a topic that will help you to generate useful output, not only to you and the supervisor, but also to the society. It is also best to have a topic that will ease your life in terms of funding, data collection, data analysis, and presentation. Don’t wish to do the impossible and remember to discuss your topic with your colleagues and supervisors as early and regular as you possibly can, for you to get time to iterate your work.  

Research related to the environment 

My research topic was “Assessment of homegardens’ contribution to the nutritional amelioration in rural areas of Rwanda – Case study of Busogo Sector”. I chose it because at that time I was interested in tracking the role of Agroferestry in food security and food quality, because there are many home gardens  to consider in Busogo, and because I was living there, hence data being within my reach and the costs associated with all my needs being within my budget.

So, make no mistake, choosing what makes your research hard to conduct. 

As Rwanda puts the final touches on it’s Vision 2020, below is a list of a few high lever topics that I think would make sense, be easy to conduct, and solve or attempt to solve environmental problems for the Rwandan society. They might not be specific depending on your location or preferences but they will provide you with options to  twist around as you craft your own topic.

If you need my help working on one of them contact me at My prices are reasonable and negotiable. There are even more ways to collaborate with me via Greenny.

Research topic examples for graduating students: Environment track