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A proposal to combat extraordinary threats against sustainable development

By: Nehemie

In order to make and keep the world a better place, sustainable people not only do what they are good at but also help others become their best selves. More information and more action don’t bore them. They systematically get things done and establish various back up plans for problems that may arise. They are honest about the severity of the issues at hand and their corresponding remedy. They respect themselves, their superiors, their inferiors, as well as the nature.

People like these are the creators of stable economies, inclusive societies, good governance and safe environment on earth. They lead us to sustainable development and are the ones who will change the world for good. They are passionate, skilled and knowledgeable in alleviating poverty and in fair distribution of solutions to the farthest areas. Above all, they love everyone. Despite their ability to shake the world, they are humble, understanding, and trustworthy.

I am training myself to become a sustainable person. So far, I have realized that despite all massive opportunities or huge experiences that make us all sustainable by formula, challenges to word’s sustainability still lie in the lack of proper attitudes that we apply in our daily life, and so there lies the solution. Good attitude towards development is not magic or a trick for some, but a game that everyone can win.  For me to understand what sustainability means, it was worth learning the following three lessons:

Serious threats against sustainability

You will be surprised to see that most of sustainability threats derive from what we call opportunities that we run after every day and night. The problem is not insufficient finance, insufficient time, or lack of will. The problem is not a lack of skills and knowledge. The problem is a lack of proper attitude in the search-for-survival process. We fail to use our passion, skills and knowledge to maintain sustainability because of our wrong attitudes. Let me tell you how:

 A sustainable remedy

Serious problems require serious solutions. Here is what we need to do to become and remain sustainable. Nothing is new at all. But mastering each of the following requires repeated training, and support form others. I am trying to live by these 6 attitudes and have made great progress so far. It’s not easy. But it’s possible.

We can end the world’s sufferance and be free in our lifetime. However, there is a cost associated with that: adopting positive attitudes and behaviors on top of our skills and power.