Greenny : Mission

No One Fights for Elitism, Privilege, and Prestige. You Just Get It or Don’t

By: Nehemie Yesashimwe


While everyone wants to be on the bright side, few of us get there. Some don’t have the zeal to keep trying and end up accepting their fate. Others force themselves into the world they crave for but end up failing. There are even those who get there but bounce back for unforeseen or accelerated reasons.

It’s what we think is nice to have or to be that wakes us up every morning. But it turns out only the blessed are entitled to that.

There are things in this world that are just beyond our imaginations and capacity. It’s best to accept who you are and believe in your actions rather than racing an endless marathon that will only drain and wither you off. We all want it and probably deserve it. But not all of us get it. We all don’t want it and indeed deserve better. But it comes to us anyway.

Why? I don’t know.