Greenny : Mission

The leopard didn’t know how to kill. It was trained

By: Nehemie Yesashimwe


We learn from our elders, friends, colleagues, parents, and strangers. What we learn, where we learn it from, and where and how we practice shapes us slowly until we become fully-trained beings. Then we pass that on to our younger children.

The content, the exercises, the environment, and the frequency of our learning should all be in the right quality and doze for us to acquire what we need, not necessarily what we want or what others think we want..

Watch what you consume as knowledge, what you practice as skills, and what you gain as experience. Keep going if its perfect. Go back and do the cleaning if it’s imperfect. In the meantime as you do that, don’t be bothered by so many imperfections you’ll meet and face along the way.

To a better future…