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The world is moving so fast. You gotta keep up

By: Nehemie

The world, earth plus its population, is such and incredible and reliable resource that we don’t even think about. Imagine something capable of providing us with anything we need!

Free air, physical materials, and invaluable services that we exchange amongst us; all coupled with joy and entertainment that we create from anything we have around us.

It is marvelous to be here. And it is fun to see everything changing into it’s better version in a blink of an eye.

As we share what no one has created or what we all have created, we form strong bonds and change the world as we go. We strive to keep the planet improving, day and night, without stopping or giving up.

Our life is a non-stop journey with a combination of fight, relaxation, joy, sadness, fight again, and so on and so fourth. We never get tired of it. Even when some of us feel exhausted, they pause while others take from where they left off. Then life keeps moving.

Life is always sweet and doesn’t become bitter until 2 things happen: Natural calamities or human interference. But even when those come, they find us ready to fight together.

We have the power to prevent and to stop what doesn’t keep our life as sweet as it is supposed to be. We, no matter where we are from, decide how we want to live and can influence others to do so. We lead. 

Not too long ago, there was too much undiscovered that made it hard to live here. We stood up and fixed it. Many of us were dying of incurable diseases while others were stuck in the poverty trap. The saddest thing was that none of us could interpret what we faced in a language that everyone understood.

Today, a great deal of information has been unfolded thanks to reasearch and technology. Hundreds of diseases have become history.  The good economy made millions of us richer. Thanks to good leadership, opportunities are more distributed and diversified.

Who knows what the world’s geniuses have created or solved today? Who knows what they are bringing to the world tomorrow?

Keep up the good work and keep learning along the way. Catch up when you feel left behind. There is more in you than than you think.