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Green Nehemie Yesashimwe aka Greenny

By: Nehemie

We all need fresh air, clean water, delicious food and beautiful sights. But we don’t have much of that because of pollution, droughts, erosions, and hurricanes. We are increasing in birth numbers but reducing in taking action on climate change and making sure everyone contributes to finding the remedy is not an easy task.

Since 2013, I fell in love with this concept and wrote a couple of articles about human beings’ role in halting climate change and the like in Rwanda and in the world. Local, regional, continental and global institutions recognized my work and I’m proud of that.

But that was just writing. As I expanded my horizons, I felt the need of a hands-on initiative that just does what I wrote about. Yes, there are people who are doing that but I always felt a gap in me, a desire to give back in reality. Then I realized that the best way to do that was being the man I ask others to be, and I created just for that.

What do I want to do with 

I want to live a green life and help others do. I want to live a green life even if it requires giving up the entire or some part of cool things such as fried beef. I want to keep myself away from non-green stuff until I make sure my choice is safe, will last me long and will do the same to my neighbor, daughter, and granddaughter. In today’s messy world, and with so many of us in need of constant resource flow, I want to make sure that most of us invest in maintaining those resources or in restoring the damaged ones.

In 2014, I attended “How to change the world” and learned about the “tragedy of the commons”. I completed the course but did not understand it well until I went to Addis Ababa, Nairobi, and Port Louis. I saw the way we desperately need clean cities, clean seas, protected lands, standing forests, free animals, and people who are kind to the environment. From there, I learned how to live green myself and created for you to live the same life.

What I’m doing now

To kick off, I have launched a writing contest that will give people in Rwanda an opportunity to cherish the environment in order to spread green messages everywhere. This will help discover the unknown truths about the environment and encourage everyone to leave the planet as or better than they found it.

As an award and inspiration, I will provide travel tickets to the best writers for them to see the world through a beautiful lens as well as to empower their thinking and behavior towards the environment. This will ultimately turn them into agents of conservation in the society as they introduce a similar environment mood in their lifestyles and in people around them.

The next step will be the real conservation. I will engage the winners in conservation-related projects and equip them with writing, traveling and conservation skills, that will mold them into citizens who respect, cherish, and promote conservation in Rwanda, anytime, at any cost.

In short:

  1. Rwandans will write-compete for travel awards throughout the year.
  2. Winners from each quarter will travel to touristic destinations in Rwanda of their choice.
  3. After the traveling adventure, the winners will conserve the environment with their own projects or at conservation institutions in Rwanda.

As you may understand, all this requires a budget and that’s one of the things I’m trying to figure out. Although the overall idea is to make an impact, I am looking for ways to make a profit [big or small] out of this. Feedback and ideas are welcome here.

I might not be as green as I want but my wish is to be as green as I possibly can. I’m trying and would like to invite you to do the same. Today.