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Getting unstuck from fear

By: Nehemie Yesashimwe

As a chained or caged animal feels when released, so it is when you have made your absolute decision about releasing your fear. But why do we hesitate taking that opportunity very often?.

Fear will not go anywhere. We live with it and it lives with us. I have had it before and have realized other people have it too. It’s a normal feeling. It’s Ok to have it. But it’s a serious problem when we let it make us do things we don’t want.

So how does one fights it to make changes and build a fealess life?

I have joined the Fearless training presented by one of my favorite bloggers: Leo Babauta. So far, I’m enjoying his truths about fear and how to face it with mindfulness and purpose. I also enjoy reading some of his pieces such as this and this.

It’s working for me and could work for you if you want to get rid of fear. Join the training and you will see how.