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Don’t Let The Human Imperfection Bother You

By: Nehemie Yesashimwe

IN HEAVEN, Everyone’s Last Destination – My child, 2 is 2. 5 is 5. 2 is not 5 or vice versa. People will tell you how those numbers are the same with conviction. Don’t be surprised when the wrong is considered right, even in the presence of acceptable evidence. We are imperfect like that.

You don’t have to stop striving for perfection, but you must know that perfection on earth is as impossible as the presence of water on the sun. So, don’t let that bother you. Do what’s right, and let the universe judge your actions. Strong forces – both internal and external- will pull you into the mess and push you to fit in the “normal mess”. Resist. 

Although no one is perfect, you can create an ideal, almost-perfect space for yourself and those around you, by making impartial decisions that corrects the past, and pave for a better present and the future.

As you grow up and engage, challenge the wrong thing by doing the right thing. You will not achieve the best score, but 90% doesn’t hurt. Get that 90% today and commit 95% tomorrow. Slow by slow, you will eventually make it to something positive.  

My Goodbye Is Your Welcome. 

You know, my role has been keeping our community safe. As I fade away, I’m leaving this responsibility to you, your brothers and sisters. Do better than I did and use the resources at your disposal more wisely than ever. Most importantly, be resourceful.  

Be the source of knowledge and power that others come to fetch from. Be the example of perfectionism, even if you can’t fully realize it. 

Be the most authentic and integral part of society that everyone wishes to be like and act like, not because your model and style bring wealth or look appealing for the moment, but because it is the only right way of doing things. 

With love, Dad