Greenny : Mission

Convinced to Preserve our Natural Wealth

By: Nehemie Yesashimwe

I have many things to be grateful for in 2018, including having bought a piece of land and having built a house on that land in the same year. I moved from a rental house in Kigali last month and am now living in a suburb of Shyorongi in the northern province. It feels good to have your own home.

So here comes 2019. For the first time in my life, I’m thinking of one thing that I should focus on this year. I’m convinced to focus on my brand as an environmentalist. I want to take Greenny to the next level. I want to try things. My plan this year is to:

I want to practice sustainability as a role model. I have discovered that I usually preach things that I can’t do myself; so I would like to avoid that in 2019. Whether I succeed or not will depend on my courage and support that I’ll get from my readers, it will be a tough year, but it’s okay. I’ll be fine.

Let’s enjoy this adventure together by preserving our natural wealth: the environment. If you want to know more or to remind yourself about my work, visit the about page and the

Happy New Year 2019.