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How to balance work and life

By: Nehemie Yesashimwe

For the past two years, I couldn’t blog because I was busy with other agendas. When I wanted to take a time for myself and think, something urgent popped up from nowhere and forced me to intervene immediately. As a writer, I felt bad to spend a month without a new post on my blog or even a conversation about the environment with a friend.

But as I couldn’t be two people in one body, I gave up my writing and embraced the new adventures. It was the only way I could earn a living; so I didn’t have a choice. However, things were boiling bad inside my heart. I thought I was stupid every time I went to bed as I looked at the ceiling wondering why society would make me ruin my own joy just for the sake of a few bucks.

When I slept, I wished the night could be longer, maybe something like an eclipse, for me to write a paragraph. In the morning, I wished it rained heavily so that no one goes to work that day, for me to write the second paragraph. It was a moment of weakness, pretending, confusion and low energy.

But as days went on, I acknowledged my weaknesses as a means to become strong again. From people’s advice and reflection, I realized there is no such a thing as society ruining my joy. I had to learn how to master life on my island as well as in the open.  When I was able to do that, I became free and was empowered to fulfill my personal interests while respecting the rules of society.

A short guide to finding work-life balance

There is no single formula to find balance for your life and work. It is something we all struggle with. As the world’s innovation advances, we usually find ourselves inexperienced and in constant need of money for new products and services.

Generally, everyone has been through some uncomfortable times while trying to meet their boss’s needs in a way that satisfies them personally. And because we naturally want to prove ourselves to others for profit, we can’t fight the balance battle easily.

Here are a few tricks that I practiced before getting back to my writing feet. My intention is to help you turn your overloaded table into a manageable workload that allows you to work and to have a balanced life.

  1. Be honest with yourself. Acknowledging that you lack balance is the first step to balancing your life and work as it will give you an understanding of what you truly need.
  2. Stay alive. You’re not a machine. Don’t fight your body and mind as they try to send you the “have a rest” messages. Don’t pretend that you’re fine while you’re not because it won’t take long until the truth goes public. It is the body and mind that make us productive and alive. Without their ability to function, there is no productivity. Money is necessary but life is irreplaceable.
  3. Slow down and diversify. To heal my daily pains, I introduced new excercises in my daily schedule. One was to walk to the office and back home. I discovered that driving filled me with a feeling of urgency that I couldn’t support anymore. I also reduced my food quantity and improved the quality. I used to cook in bulk because I felt that I had no time.
  4. Take a risk: Quit your current demanding job and turn your passion into your new career. I’m not on this level yet but I’m considering it. I‘m convinced that it’s better if I do blogging as a career, not a side business. But I don’t think I’m ready. When I look at what it takes to quit, it’s terrible. It’ll take time and lots of sacrifices. I’m also afraid of failure. I’ll tell you when I’m decided!

What if we were able to say no to what bothers us and pursue our true callings fearlessly? What if money was the source of our balance;  not the cause of imbalance as it is for many of us today?

My next post is about the fear of failure and how to fight it. Stay in touch!