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My name is Nehemie Yesashimwe. I live in Rwanda, where I write and hike.

In 2013, I got interested in environmental management and wrote a couple of articles about the role of youth in addressing climate change and the like. Local, regional, continental, and global institutions recognized my work and awarded me an inspirational gift: “courage to keep writing.”

But as I expanded my horizons, I felt the need for a hands-on initiative that could turn my writing theory into practice. Then I created Greenny Ltd.

What I do with Greenny Ltd.

I want to live a sustainable life; even when that requires giving up beautiful things like pizza, lots of money, or fame. I want to keep away from clutter as possible as I can; even if that’s hard. Greenny is a tool and a platform for that commitment.

In 2014, I attended a course titled “How to change the world” and learned about the tragedy of the commons. I completed the course but did not understand its message well until I went to Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Bujumbura, and Port Louis.

There, I saw how we desperately need clean cities, clean seas, standing forests, and people who are kind to the environment. From there, I decided to go green and created as a medium to share lessons and opportunities that lie in environmental practice.

If you agree that things like climate change or land degradation or obesity are real; and that humanity can hardly strive in such circumstances, I invite you to think about it today and do something. Anything.

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